Why do agents change brokerages? Primarily, agents move to increase their income. 

Traditionally, this has meant switching to a brokerage with a better commission split or joining a team that provides leads. However, agents are now recognizing the value of listing homes as a strategy to generate more business.

Our 1% Listing Fee is rooted in the understanding that, in the real estate industry, relationships play a fundamental role. These connections serve as the basis for ongoing lead generation and referrals.

Typically, a 2.5 or 3% listing commission involves a single contact, resulting in maybe two transactions—a sale and a purchase. By comparison promoting our 1% listing fee, the potential for attracting more listings increases. This not only establishes additional contacts but also it immediately sets in motion a ripple effect, fostering future referrals.

Offering the same service at the same price as your competitors will not attract customers. Our 1% Listing Fee approach puts you in a significantly more advantageous position. A highly competitive commission rate simplifies advertising for listings, as customers often prioritize how much they are charged over other considerations. 

The primary advantage is evident—sellers stand to save a substantial amount on the overall transaction. Our 1% Listing Fee empowers you to provide genuine value to your clients, fostering loyalty and ensuring success in your listing appointments.

While we offer a discounted listing fee, our agents typically charge their buyer clients between 2 & 3% for representation.

Our agents also enjoy the benefit of competitive commission splits, free from fees. They can conduct more deals, incur lower expenses, and ultimately, achieve higher profitability compared to their peers. Explore how we can transform your real estate career by contacting us for a confidential conversation.