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ListnShow is an innovative, mobile residential real estate brokerage.

Clients today want agents who are accessible and can provide service at a moments notice. That requires access to leading-edge technologies and experienced brokers.

Our free cloud-based technology, combined with accessible Brokers, provides our agents with the tools and support they need to build a successful business.  Our mobile agents can conduct their business with ease and confidence … and close their deals from anywhere.

How It Works

100% Commission

ListnShow sets itself apart from traditional brokerages in several ways but the most obvious is its agent commission payout, which replaces the agent/broker split with a flat transaction fee that enables agents to keep 100 percent of their commissions.

ListnShow supports its agents with the same or better services and resources … and there are no fees for technologies. 

ListnShow wants its agents to have both productive and financially rewarding careers. 


We Keep It Simple !

Individual Agents

Members of a Team

Thats It ! … You Keep What You Earn !


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Interested? Want to know more? Let’s discuss working with our company . . . a company that puts their agents first. 

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