List N Show℠ offers essential guidance and assistance to real estate buyers & sellers during one of the most significant and costly transactions they will undertake in their lives. We support our clients in various ways, including:

  • Assisting buyers and sellers in maneuvering through a complex array of forms and paperwork.
  • Coordinating with lenders, inspectors, attorneys, appraisers, and other professionals involved in the process.
  • Ensuring that our clients’ interests are well-represented in pricing, negotiation, and the closing stages.
  • Helping clients source information online or elsewhere.
  • Being available to communicate with clients at all times, providing support through both the highs and lows, and aiding in navigating unforeseen circumstances and resolving issues.

List N Show℠ real estate brokers, agents & staff work collaboratively to provide exceptional service and achieve positive results for our clients. Our brokerage is guided by foundational principles of collaboration, effective communication, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Our two accomplished broker/owners collectively possess more than 60 years of extensive experience in real estate brokerage, land development, property management, and the construction of both residential and commercial properties. They have served a diverse clientele, including individuals, banks, financial institutions, Superior Courts, partnerships, corporations, community associations, and government agencies.