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What If I’m Happy Where I Am?

“Could You Be Happier?”

What if you could have better support, resources, and technology while earning significantly more?

Explore the benefits that List N Show has to offer. 

How Can You Be So Inexpensive?

With today’s technology at our finger tips it’s no longer necessary to charge what most brokerages continue to charge to cover overhead expenses. 

Our brokers have been in business for more than 35 years, and with proper management we keep our costs low and charge only what is necessary to effectively run the business. Also, as a debt free company we do not have the financial obligations that other brokerages may have.

We offer the same or better services, resources, and technologies at a fraction of the cost!

How Can You Offer Great Support?

Our technology allows us to always be available to our agents. We offer great support because our brokers love their work and enjoy the success of their agents. 

We want you to know that List N Show is a company dedicated to ensuring that its agents have all the tools and support necessary to conduct their business competently and confidently. 

It is the company’s mission to have its brokers and support staff be fully available and easily reachable to answer any questions our agents may have. The brokers are always only a phone call, email or text away. That’s our commitment to you!

How Quickly Can I Get Paid My Commissions?

Agents typically receive their commission payments within two business days by direct deposit into their bank account.

How Are Documents Processed And Stored?

Agents utilize the Company online transaction file system for writing, e-signing and storing their documents. To comply with laws regarding record keeping, documents are stored in this system for a period of seven years. 

In addition to the percentage or flat fee commission that the Agent will charge a seller client for listing their home or a buyer client for finding them a home, the Company charges your client an additional document processing and storage fee as part of the total commission. 

Are There Any Sales Quotas Or Minimum Requirements?

No quotas ever. You can have zero transactions or one hundred, it’s your business.

What we do require is that you conduct your real estate business in a professional, lawful and ethical manner. We’re only concerned about how you operate your business not how much you do.

Can Agents Change Their Commission Plan At Anytime?

Yes, agents can request a commission plan change at anytime. The change will take effect 90 days after the request. Any accepted contracts will remain under the Agent’s current commission plan. All contracts written after the 91st day will convert to the new commission plan.

Do You Offer “Transaction Coordination” Services?

Yes, it’s an option for a small fee ($149). Whether you are unsure of how to handle the details of a transaction or, if you’re just too busy to do it all on your own, we are here to support your business needs.

Can Agents set up a team with commission splits?

Yes, we encourage the development of teams. Our 100% Commission Plans offer the perfect framework for creating and managing a Team. Our technology provides the opportunity for Team Leaders to monitor and review all their team member’s transactions from any device at anytime.

What If I’m Not As Active In The Business As I Used To Be?

Agents can keep their licenses active without having to pay Realtor® dues or MLS fees by joining as a Referral Associate.

List N Show offers agents the ability to continue to earn commissions by referring buyers & sellers to the Company.

Do You Offer Training For New Agents?

Yes, in an effort to support new or inexperienced Agents in their real estate career, the Company has developed a system for agents to receive training and work directly with the Broker. 

The Broker will guide the Agent through the many facets of their real estate transactions and coach the Agent in developing the skills they need in order to be successful.

What Happens To My Listings If I Leave The Company?

The Company allows the Agent to transfer their listings and buyer representations to their new sponsoring broker.

All transactions under a sale contract will remain with the Company and the Agent will receive their commission upon closing in accordance with their 100% Commission Plan (Gold, Silver or Bronze).

Where Are Your Office Locations?

Our corporate office is located in Columbia, CT, the address is: 125 Route 66E, Columbia, CT 06237

The Company has a cloud-based office for agents and as such does not invest in physical brick-and-mortar infrastructure for their use. Agents may work from home, personal office, vehicle or any other places of agent’s choice. Agents are encouraged to have a membership in co-working space if they need additional physical space to meet clients. 

Our service area includes all of Connecticut and the Company will be expanding into Massachusetts in the near future.

What Is The Onboarding Process? Is There A Fee?

We do not charge a fee to join the Company. The joining and onboarding process is simple and easy. A brief outline can be viewed here: Onboarding

How Do I Confront My Current Broker About Making The Switch?

If you are interested in joining List N Show but are worried about an awkward situation with your current broker, we will take care of it. List N Show will handle everything that needs to be done to get you transferred over including contacting your current brokerage.